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My Finished Career Portfolio Essay

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1. Introduction–state your industry and what value you anticipate the portfolio will be of to you.

The industry that I am most interested in is the Business Administration industry. In interviews, my portfolio will show potential employers the proof of my skills, education, work experience, references, career goals, and works in progress. By providing a career portfolio and highlighting my positives, employers will take me more seriously and know that I take my career seriously. 2. Describe in a two-page paper what exact documents you have in your career portfolio. List them one-by-one. State how it looks to you and how effective you believe this will be. The documents I have in my career portfolio are:

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Statement of originality and confidentiality
Work philosophy
My career goals for the next five years

My resume, cover letter and reference list with permission from each reference that I may use them for job hunting. I have tabbed sections for the skills that I want to promote such as management, training and communications. I have several letters of recommendation requested from professors and former employers I am working on skill sets lists of the critical skills I have that relate to the jobs I am looking for. This I think is going to be an on the job process when I get hired on by an employer. I have a list of projects and activities that I have in progress in my career portfolio as well. I have official transcripts from obtaining my GED and an unofficial transcript for Everest University to be replaced with the official transcript upon completion of my degree. 3. Have you utilized this as yet during an Interview?

I have not had the experience of using my career portfolio in an interview as of yet. 4. Have you also assembled an electronic portfolio? I have not assembled an electronic career portfolio as of yet. I plan on doing that as soon as I possibly can so that I can utilize that as well when looking for a job in my degree field.

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