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Psychology Essay Examples

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Brutus’ Ghosts: A Comparative Psychoanalysis

In William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, the cosmological and political ideals are constantly compared, analyzed, and argued because of the broad spectrum of opinions on Shakespeare’s thought process in writing. Myron Taylor, associated with George Washington University and published by Folger Shakespeare Library, and Stephen M. Buhler, associated with University of Nebraska­Lincoln and published in English…

Psychoanalytical Analysis Of Tsotsi

The film Tsotsi, directed by Gavin Hood, portrays how an individual’s childhood and experiences effect the individual’s psychological development in his struggle for redemption. The narrative centers on Tsotsi, whose name when translated, literally means “thug”- a nickname he has accumulated through his atrocity as gang leader. The opening scene of the film establishes a…

Segmentation and Target Market Paper

Market segmentation is described as “the process of defining and subdividing a large homogenous, market into clearly identifiable segments having similar needs, wants, or demand characteristics. It’s objective is to design a marketing mix that precisely matches the expectation of the customers in the targeted segment” (Business Dictionary, 2010). This week’s assignment asked the student…



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Motivation of Psychology Graduate

The researchers aim to determine the coping strategies and level of motivation of selected Psychology graduates with regards to their personal problems in District One Laguna. Specifically, the researchers seek to establish answer to the following questions. 1. What is the level of motivation of the psychology graduates with regards to their personal problems? 2….

The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdin

A good book for me is something that you don’t want to stop reading. Something that would keep you up late at night and make you try so hard to keep those eyes from closing. The book is over 300 pages long and I figured out that this book by Robert Cialdini might be a…

Creative Process

When I think about artistic profession I often wonder why artists want to be artists. The very idea of beginning every day with the obligation to create something of strong value, something that never existed before, seems really hard work and at the same time activity that has a strange beauty in itself. How does…

Dr. Albert Ellis

Dr. Albert Ellis became known for setting frontiers in the field of psychology. He questioned many age-old beliefs throughout his career and tried to prove each of them with theories. His expertise expounded on human sexuality, psychoanalysis, ad cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. The focus that he gave in sexology and sexuality led to many publications and…

Creativity, psychology and the history of scienc

Children are the most interesting people on earth to sit and watch at play. Their minds are so open to the endless possibilities that allow them to entertain each other for hours on end. Some children play house or pretend to be a mommy with a baby doll, and others pretend to be truck drivers…

The power of psychological time in poetry

Poetry is always connected to various time representations. Poets replace real time with different psychological visions and ideas of past or future events. We frequently find ourselves in a situation, when we cannot completely understand the time implications of a specific poem. Thomas Hardy and T. S. Eliot were well known for their poetic skills…

Behavior: Sociology and Psychological Core

1. How is Unilever applying its understanding of internal consumer processes in the psychological core to market its products? One company that has maintained its dominance over time is Unilever. The company make used of their understanding of internal processes which are a series of changes that occur within the individual, which includes the psychological…

Biopsychosocial Model of Addiction

The Biopsychosocial Model of Addiction is easily the model that appeals to me most. This model states that addiction is the result of multiple, interacting variables, the strength of which vary between individuals. When I was observing each of the models, I found myself agreeing with two or three of the different standpoints from which…

Cross-Cultural Psychology

Masai community has been living in the northern parts of Tanzania and the semiarid part of Kenya where they have retained strongly their cultural identity through out the modernization era. Due to their geographical areas of occurrence being characterized by harsh weather conditions they have adapted to nomadic form of livelihood where they keep shifting…

Cross Cultural Psychology

Cross cultural psychology is a sub-discipline within the wide psychology discipline that is concerned with the cultural factors that affects the behavior of human beings. Cross cultural psychology looks at the behavior of humans and its relationship with the mental processes. The behaviors are studies in the context of the cultural conditions taking into consideration…

How can cross cultural psychology be applied to other fields beyond the field of psychology?

Cross cultural psychology can be defined as the study of the mental and behavioral conception of an individual within different cultural backgrounds by describing its invariance and variability. Human psychology is made to change invariably with changing environmental conditions. This process brings about changing dimensions into effects, self conceptions, cognition and psychopathological deviations. Conceptually, this…


HABIT 1: BE PROACTIVE In my own personal life I can apply this particular habit by seeing see the good side of things such as my family and how we are in society.  I should not base my happiness on what surrounds me; rather, I should seek my own happiness from within myself.  I should…

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